Hair cuts short with bangs

WEIGHT ISSUES I’d never been health conscious. I ate whatever, whenever. Five years ago, I joined Metro FM as a content producer. Within a month of getting the job, I started freelancing for BONA blog. Suddenly, my life became chaotic and I had little time for myself; I was always on the road or attending a media event. Hair cuts short with bangs As a result, my eating habits deteriorated from bad to worse; I ate takeaways and finger foods at events almost every day. Obviously I picked up weight. I noticed I was getting bigger, but didn’t do anything about it. Before my life became busy in 2010, I weighed 57 kg. By March 2015 I weighed a whopping 78kg. In 2013, my sister got married and I was her maid of honour. Looking at her wedding pictures as I stood next to her, I realised just why I was indeed the Yours Hair is bigger Yours Hair is sister. After defying that bigger label for so many years, it had finally come true. I looked at those pictures and hated my round face, batwing arms and enormous boobs. It clicked – I needed to lose weight. I started eating healthily and took up jogging, but I soon lost momentum and went back to my old ways. In September 2014 while on holiday in Mozambique, I got into an accident. I injured my lower lip and it looked swollen for a long time. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and hated the person looking back at me. Not only was I fat, but I felt ugly too! I vowed I’d never feel like that ever again.

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Hair cuts short with bangs

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