Now we will discuss some really helpful tips that pertain specifically to styling your hair. These tips come from professional stylists who use them without fail. If you want to create beautiful hair that is soft to the touch, pay attention to these tricks that every woman should be aware of.

Know Your Hair Type

You definitely need to know your hair type and texture so that you can purchase the exact products that are just right for your hair type. If you do not know it, you will be forced to keep trying different products until you finally land on one that works. Instead, you can save yourself the time and frustration by discovering what your actual hair type is, and then, buying products for that type. So figure out your hair type before the next time you decide to break out the hair dryer. This knowledge is crucial when it comes to the best styling options.

There are 3 major hair types. They are thick, medium, and fine, although many women actually have a combination of all three, on various parts of their head.

You can easily figure out your hair type by putting your hair in a ponytail so you can determine the width. Use an average sized pony tail holder (not rubber band). If you can wrap the holder around just once, your hair type is thick. If your hair is not to bunchy and you can wrap the holder around two-three times, then you have a medium hair type. If the holder can be wrapped around your hair more than three times, you have fine hair.

Once you know what your hair type is, you also need to know and understand your particular hair texture. In general, there is straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Your true texture is determined by how your hair appears when it is in its natural state. It is usually evident, once your hair is wet and it resorts to whatever the original texture happens to be. When you know exactly what type and texture of hair you have, it is so much easier to select the right hair care products. You simply purchase the products that are specifically labeled for your individual type of hair. These products have been designed intentionally for your unique hair texture and styling needs.



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