Curly 70’s hairstyles

We travelled to the spectacular caves of Vardzia, and then I fell so ill I could no longer camp. The nearest town boasted a motel with rusty pipes and several varieties of vermin, but I was shaking with fever and didn’t care. Mike bribed the surly staff, and brought hot water in emptied bottles, making me tea. Vomit and diarrhoea didn’t deter this man.

Thankfully, I recovered as we crossed the border into Turkey, but I had to curtail my part in the trip to fly home on a pre-booked flight. I had a wedding to attend with my boyfriend, who was the best man, and I was still his date.

I felt heartbroken leaving Mike, but didn’t want to believe too much either; we both had problems to resolve. You know where I live and work. Come find me if you want, was my parting shot.

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Curly 70s hairstyles

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