Haircut for long straight hair

Colored hair care Major considerations are retaining the hair coloring and repair some damage caused from coloring.

Wash and rinse your hair in cool water it will help to close your hair cuticles, sealing in moisture and helping to retain your color. Lessen the sun exposure to your hair, wear a hat.

At sea or in a hotel pool, wear a cap to lessen the damage salt water or chemical in the pool that will do to your hair, Shampoo and wash your hair clean after the swim

Flyaway Hair

Hair does not fly away everyday because hair follicles naturally attract and retain moisture. You could splash on expensive moisturizers yes but there is a better and more economical alternative as a great moisturizer safflower oil is not for cooking only, dub a couple of drops to the your hair and your hair thank you for it, It will shine your hair. You do not even have to wash it out either, it will be unnoticeable, will not smell or anything.

Haircut for long straight hair Photo Gallery

Haircut for long straight hair

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