Haircut styles for oval faces

Why do we need natural hair love now?

I have two young daughters ages five and seven. By the age of three they discovered that there was something not quite right about their hair and the questions soon started thereafter. How come my hair does not grow? Why is my hair color black? I want pigtails, long pigtails, pigtails with squiggly curls, do you know what I mean mommy? Sadly I did. When my eldest daughter came home from school one day and said Mommy, I want to be white my stomach clenched with painful knots of sorrow. I just stared at her in silence. I tried my motherly best to reassure her that there was nothing wrong with her hair, her eyes or her skin color. She gave me the usual thanks mom, I feel betterglances but deep down I knew I simply wasn’t getting through to her.


Why was I failing to get the message across? At our tender ages we have been bombarded with imagery and perceptions of what is beautiful. Rapunzel-like dolls decorate the rooms of our impressionable daughters. At the age of twelve my hair was relaxed simply out of convenience. My mother no longer had to spend hours cramping her fingers braiding my hair on school nights. Relaxing gave me the opportunity to manage my own hair and I was grateful for this newfound freedom I panic at the thought of what my daughter’s decision will be when they have the freedom to style their own hair.

My reason to write this blog is not to preach about the dangers of chemical relaxers. I’m sure you are aware that the nauseating smell and crusty burns left on your scalp is a sign that this stuff can’t be any good. Throughout my natural hair journey I found that the quest is not just about hair, but is about selfesteem, confidence, empowerment and spiritual strength. Without these foundations you will never embrace the natural hair lifestyle. I want you to get re-acquainted and fall in love with your natural hair, to love your texture and discover the possibilities.

It’s very easy to get discouraged as you embark on this journey. We need to feel the emotional hurts in order to heal after being told from childhood that we have bad hair.

In this blog you will find tips, techniques and styles to help you successfully transition from perms, weaves and wigs to a Naturally Fine mane. However, my goal is to fill you up with the empowerment, courage and the strength to STAY natural.

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Haircut styles for oval faces

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