Haircuts for thick curly hair

Historical Beauty;

When Hutton began modeling, she might have had someone to do her hair, but she always did her own makeupas makeup artists weren’t yet standard in the industryeven for her Vogue covers (she’s been on the cover of US Vogue a record twenty-seven times).35 At first, she attempted to hide the gap between her teeth, by using mortician’s wax and a cap, which would often fall out of place,36 but she soon realized that it was her gappy teeth that made her different. Hutton epitomized the beauty look of the seventies with her tanned skin and uncamouflaged freckles. Her all-American, wholesome look was echoed by the trends of the time, which favored natural, organic beauty products. Makeup companies were responding to consumers who were seeking more natural cosmetics packaged in an earthy, hippy manner. Hutton has been credited with single-handedly changing how models were paid and making herself one of the highest-paid examples of the decade. In 1973, she securedthrough her own initiativethe first-ever modeling contract for a large sum with Revlon. After this, modeling agencies only began booking models for the day, instead of by the hour, and prices skyrocketed.37 Hutton has since said that she was inspired by the way that athletes were remunerated.20 Popular Short Haircuts for Thick Hair | PoPular Haircuts Ltf

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Haircuts for thick curly hair

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