Short hair cuts for women curly

Damaged hair Your Hair is damaged once the flat scales that cover the core of the hair are no longer flat to provide structural integrity to the hair, it can split and break.

Coloring, perming, heat can damage hair, once hair is damaged, you cannot repair it.

What you can do is to cut it off. Real Intensive hair conditioners can help by coating the hair follicle and seal in some moisture.

Good Hair Care T use.

When you wash your hair, use knuckles instead of fingernails , fingernails might pick up hair off your skull and damage your skull skin. Massage your skull for at least a few minutes to increase blood circulation to that area.

If you feel your hair is dry, every few days give this care to your hair,

A- Rub it with olive oil (must be the finest quality) hair has oil but it gets dry, you need to add that back.

B-Leave it on for few hours or minutes, longer is better perhaps using a shower cap for the duration is a good idea.

C- Massage it ,wash it clean.

D- And finally with a handful of vinegar, apple vinegar is better for this, rub it, let it stay few minutes

E- And rinse it for the last time.

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Short hair cuts for women curly

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