Haircuts long hair layers

I Don’t Like It. I Love It. Juicy asked five celebs to answer the same question: What’s the best or worst gift you have received from a significant other? My husband is really good at giving gifts. One year he gave me an iPod that he pre-loaded with every love song that we’d listened to and every film that was significant to us and…and all these amazing pictures of us that I didn’t even know that he had archived and he put it on one iPod. It was sweet. DANA GOURRIER This is hard to say, because I’m always grateful for any gift. However, if I had to call it, I’d say the worst gift I have ever received for the holidays was a re-gifted pair of shoes from a friend. They were just awful, not my style at all, and they hurt… I feel terrible saying this, but the likelihood of my ever wearing them is slim. The worst gift I received from a significant other was a necklace that turned my neck green, but it is the thought that counts. Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner’s olive oil complex and micro-enriched proteins fortify, strengthen and condition leaving hair with more body, shine and silky softness.

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Haircuts long hair layers

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