Haircuts For Long Hair With Side Swept Bangs 

Hormone havoc for your beautiful hair

During our teens, hormones like to play havoc on our skin whereas our hair seems to be resilient and immune to damage. Looking back to when I was a teenager, I remember having thick locks of hair which I loved to torture nearly every month with different colours and hairstyles.

As we move from our teens to adulthood our hormone levels begin to change. The high levels of oestrogen we once had start to decline, male hormones may start to dominate and stress hormones begin to rise, our hair is no longer what it once used to be. As we age our hormones tend to start a different assault, this time on our hair.

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The Facts: Our hair lives under hormonal dependence. The hormone oestrogen (estrogen) generally encourages hair to grow on the head. Testosterone, found in higher levels in males, governs body hair growth, such as a beard, underarm hair and pubic hair.

As women age and approach menopause, their bodies begin to produce less oestrogen, these lower levels of oestrogen can be associated with hair loss and thinning hair. Several studies have shown that oestrogen supplementation for women affected by hair loss leads to less shedding and an increase in hair thickness.54 Higher testosterone levels can also make your hair thin and cause your head to produce less hair. Topical treatments with oestrogen havealso been known to successfully restore hair growth and stop hair loss.56

Haircuts For Long Hair With Side Swept Bangs 

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