Haircuts For Round Faces 

Haircare Guide For Best Haircuts For Round Faces 

Olive Oil

Olive oil is an ideal oil to be used for deep conditioning treatments. This oil can be combined with a number of products to enhance the conditioning process. As the molecular structure of olive oil is fairly large, it does not penetrate the hair follicles but rather sits atop the hair shaft. Because of this I do not recommend using Olive Oil for styling but consider it to be an excellent choice for deep conditioning treatments.

Again it is important that you let your hair tell you what products work best for your texture and type of hair as it is possible for a particular oil to be great for one hair type and texture and not so great for another. Or it is possible for one type and texture to like oil and another to not. My eldest daughter for example does not oil her hair. She says that her hair does not respond well to it. This is what I mean when I encourage you to let your hair tell you what it wants and needs. When trying products, pay close attention to how your hair responds to them.

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Haircuts For Round Faces 

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