Haircuts short in back long front

I tend to squish my rubbish down if I can’t be bothered to change the bag!

Kelly Davidson, via Facebook

I have given up ironing,

I just Add Newshake it off- as Taylor Swift would say!

Does anybody actually wear a clean bra every day? I change mine two maybe three times a week. Ruth Lyons, via Facebook

I iron my clothes with my hair straightener in the morning – who’s got time to get the ironing board out?

I never paint all my toenails, Haircuts short in back long front just the ones that are visible through my sandals.

Sarah Knowles, via email

I do not do housework at all – my 13-year-old son does it for me (for a fee, of course).

Sian Pearce, via Facebook

I often put together a couple of grazing plates for my daughter Mia and leave them out on her little toddler table, then she can pick at them throughout the day. It’s partly because she’s not a big eater, but mainly because I’m too disorganised to plan individual meals for her!

If my clothes (particularly bras) are handwash-only, they definitely get worn a few more times than they should – too much effort! Jemma Proud, via Facebook

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Haircuts short in back long front

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