Haircuts for teen girls with bangs and layers

CAN’T DEAL WITH MEN I have realised that I have serious articless with men; every time I’m around them, I panic. This problem started when I was in high school and its becoming worse now. Is there something wrong with me? Kaybee, Johannesburg Dear Kaybee: It sounds like you experienced some sort of trauma at the hands of a man or men. Haircuts for teen girls with bangs and layers It might not have been you directly, but maybe something you witnessed happening to someone close to you. There’s nothing wrong with you; you may need to see someone to find out what this is about and get closure, so you can move on in a good and positive way. There are many counsellors in Johannesburg, some free, others reasonable. THE SEVEN-YEAR ITCH I’m 27 and my boyfriend is 36. We were together for seven years before we broke up; but got back together again last year. We spoke about our expectations and agreed that it is for keeps. The problem is I do not think he is serious about us getting married. He has the worst excuses (money being the biggest) and I’m not prepared to wait another seven years. I love him and cannot picture myself with someone else. What should I do? Anonymous, Johannesburg Dear Anonymous: The first seven years were too long, and it looks like you are in for another seven or more, just shacking or whatever it is that he wants to do. I have also found that people without lots of money get married and have children, so it is time for him to declare a solid sustainable covenant relationship or you must move on. You may love him, but he might not share the same feelings in the same way and that will always present a problem. Q

Haircuts for teen girls with bangs and layers Photo Gallery

Haircuts for teen girls with bangs and layers

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