Hairdos with bangs and long hair

Crimped or Wavy

Author’s Note: The size of the braids will determine the definition of the wave. For a loose wave; make braids larger. For a tighter or crimped wave make braids smaller.

Step 1: Take braids and gather section and make a three-strand braid with the hair.

Step 2: Dip hair once in boiled water (make sure ends are completely submerged) for 1-2 minutes.

Step 3: Remove hair from water (be sure to hold hair with towel away from client’s back and neck so they are not scald by the water)

Step 4: After excess water has been towel dried, repeat step 2 again to ensure braids are sealed.

Step 5: Towel dry again, remove braided sections of hair and gently finger through the ends. Hair will appear in a wavy or crimped formation.

Hairdos with bangs and long hair Photo Gallery

Hairdos with bangs and long hair

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