Hairdos For Formal Occasions 

Society has succeeded in the past at creating such a stigma with regards to natural, ethnic hair, that we have shunned and criticized our own natural, God-given uniqueness and beauty.

I want to be clear here that I support the fact that everyone has the right to make decisions regarding what they feel is best for their hair. My message is that it is important for us to embrace who we are, both from an internal awareness and an external manifestation.

Hairdos For Formal Occasions  Photo Gallery

So much false, untrue and misleading emphasis has been placed on what beauty is. My message is that beauty is an internal quality that is projected externally.

Our true beauty lies within the nature and character of the created being that we are, within the image and likeness of the Creator. True beauty is a demonstration of love and light for firstly ourselves and ultimately for everything that exists around us.

Hairdos For Formal Occasions 

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