Hairstyle for high cheekbones

The Dipping Process

In achieving a defined look; the ends of your newly braided synthetic hair can be sealed by dipping them into boiled water. This process should only be applied to singles or cornrow hairstyles. This process smoothes the texture of the synthetic hair and gives the braided style body and charisma. If ends are not sealed through the dipping process they may tangle, unravel, and even develop a matted look at the ends of the braid (remember what your dolls hair looked like when you didn’t comb it!). There are several ways to dip the ends of synthetic hair styles.

Here are some favorites: Disclaimer: All Techniques are done at own risk. Use towels and be very careful with the boiling water. Be patient during the process.

Dipped Straight

Step 1: Hold ends of newly braided hair, place towel around client’s neck

Step 2: Dip hair once in boiled water (be sure ends are completely submerged) for 1-2 minutes

Step 3: Remove hair from water (be sure to hold hair with towel away from client’s back and neck so they are not scald by the water)

Step 4: After excess water has been towel dried. repeat step 2 again to ensure braids are sealed.

Step 5: Towel dry again. Braids should appear straight with small waves at the end.

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Hairstyle for high cheekbones

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