Hairstyle Of The Day EASY Half Up Twisted Tutorial

Today we are very matchy-matchy redlener Red Sox I’m kind of feeling it today’s hairstyle of the day is going to be a half updo with the rope braid today, I will be working with the middle part, I usually do not sometimes, I like it alright. So for the rough twist, I make sure you do not leave some of these hairs out like the fringe grab a section bigger section and we are going to do it divide it to half alright.

Hairstyle Of The Day EASY Half Up Twisted Tutorial Photo Gallery

So bottom section towards the day other section away bring this section over all right start adding hair add hair first for the top section pull adhered to the bottom section twist towards nice twist away and then over twist for twist away you are the one end there we go just same thing on this side once in Della’s both rope twists on each side I’m just going to let go of the first one that we did and just combine the two would be clear elastic you can just leave it like that maybe do like a half a ponytail with a look a little messy bun or what, I did, I just did a really quick top detail just to make sure everything is nice tight and secure.

So now what I’m going to do you guys guessed it I’m going to go back in and pull some of these sections out just a very tiny touch you should give a little bit more texture and dimension to the overall look, I do not know what’s happening right here I’m going to fix it just really quickly with a little bit of a curl and there we have it, I think a little bit of a curl makes a huge difference understood, I look very Slavic with this hairstyle, I think it is cute, I want to go on vacation now with us here oh wait, I am, I just want to end this post off by say thank you so much for all your support at the rouses journey that we are taking together with a post a day it is been really fun I’m just overwhelmed with all of your positive comments encouragement your love and, I just want to say thank you for all of that we love you guys so much and appreciate you guys yeah. So, I wanted to speak today thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one bye.

Hairstyle Of The Day EASY Half Up Twisted Tutorial

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