HAIRSTYLE OF THE DAY Edgy Short Hairstyle with Braids

Hey all, Welcome back with lovelyz for today’s hairstyle of the day we are going to feature Andrey.

Because you guys love him and you have been requesting to see him again. So, I figure today would be a perfect opportunity what do you think babe alright. So today we are gonna keep it nice and simple we are gonna give you some racing stripes. Because, I want you to look fast fast and furious yeah I’m monkey my ride some stripes oh my god you like that. So what we are gonna do is we are gonna part the hair and, I keep side and on a side of the car we are gonna paint some stripes. But braids with Dutch braids out it really, I I’m getting into my car zone here and I’m like painting is that how you paint yeah my kind of good, I just know straight okay how did, I show you to use it you do this you grab the hair look at that perfection who’s the mastermind here, I’m obviously, I have to redo your work look at that I’m more of a detail guy anyways though it ain’t a real marriage. If the wife does not correct the husband mind blowing mind blowing just steer him in the right direction we are gonna take this here and looks somehow gonna turn into a line gonna make you real fast.

HAIRSTYLE OF THE DAY Edgy Short Hairstyle with Braids Photo Gallery

So this is really simple one two one two and then you start adding hair to the middle part and you keep going well what how do you do a Dutch braid though the way I’m showing it to you that’s how you do it do you like doing my hair, I like making you look fast cuz I’m not fast what are you trying to say Andre you are pretty fast. But what, I think, I make you faster the opposite way all right. So we got right number one and we are gonna do the same thing here and here we are changed positions. So you guys could see though angle the hair better resting here does not he’ll lose party or usually have left oh we are not cutting my hair man just usually just throw it out this is a ring no do not looks much nicer except for the part that you forgot and then after your cards looking fast one way to tell it when. If it is fast you do couple of like donuts huh I will show you what, I mean what we are gonna do is we are gonna take these ends and we are just gonna kind of circle them around what, I like to call them mini roses do better captain down you never happened. So that looks really cool, I think yeah it is you got that nice stripes on the side. So we are fast, I love it.

So overall I’m very impressed, I think it looks extremely modern edgy and chic it is a touch messy. But it is kind of like I’m not trying too hard, I love it, I think you did a great job babe what do you guys think, I love it it is a great hairstyle. So today’s question of the day, I think we will kind of correlate with the hairstyle since Andre did it. If you could get any car in the world what is your dream car, I think mine would be the Porsche 918 such a beautiful car it is fast it sounds amazing and it looks amazing in real life. But it is extremely expensive thank again Andre for joining me in this amazing hairstyle thank you guys for reading and I will see you guys tomorrow, I love you all very much bye.

HAIRSTYLE OF THE DAY Edgy Short Hairstyle with Braids

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