Hairstyle Of The Day How To Style SHORT HAIR in Less Than 5 Minutes

Whoa whoa, I feel like, I can fly in this shirt Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies. I’m so happy you could join me for another post today I’m going to share with you guys how, I styled this hair with a curling iron my weapon of choice for today is this Hot Tools, I believe this is a one inch.

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But I will double check for you guys and write the exact measurements in the description below. But it looks like a one-inch curling iron with a clip, I like using a clip for shorter hair just. Because in the back the hair is super short, I can’t really wrap the hair around as much as, I want. So a clip kind of comes in handy just to hold everything in place and, I have it at about like 315, I think 310 Fahrenheit I’m going to separate my hair in two sections top and a bottom and then apply some heat protectant when, I curl my hair this way, I like to alternate the curls to give it that really PC effortless wave all right.

So once the curls have set and cooled off I’m gonna apply a little bit of a dry texture spray this is where you can apply some hairspray dry shampoo whatever it is I’m going to use saints and sinners divine dry finish checks your spray and there we have it, I think it looks amazing, I love my short to blunt hair, I just think it looks. So effortless chic elegant. But then, I feel like a boss, I just love it let me know what you guys think today’s question of the day is how many of you have long hair and still watch my posts, I think it’s a really interesting question I’m always curious.

Because, I get comments here and there like oh, I have long hair. But I watch your posts they’re. So cool give me aspiration I’m just wondering how many of you there are actually thank you for reading joining me today, I will see you guys tomorrow bye.

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