Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER EASY Rope Braid Twists Short Hairstyle

Today’s hairstyle of the day is going to be super cute it is going to involve three twist braids or rope braids, I like to call them very simple hairstyle, I think you guys will love it alright I’m keeping it on a deeper part on my right side and I’m gonna be working with this hair right here where there’s majority of the hair. So I’m gonna just make a section for the first twist for the rope twist. If you have seen my posts you probably know how to master this by now.

Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER EASY Rope Braid Twists Short Hairstyle Photo Gallery

If you are new this is what you do you take a section of hair to begin divide it into two equal sections and basically I’m gonna take the twist towards my face. So the sections closest I’m going to give it one to two twists and then bring it over the section right behind it and this is where I’m going to start adding hair I’m gonna add hair to the lower section give it two twists always turn my face and then bring you over the section right behind it and just keep adding hair to the section that’s closer to my face before, I tie it off with a clear elastic I’m gonna pull it apart just a little bit.

Because, I did a really tight and then secure it with an elastic and then I’m gonna do exactly the same type of twist for the second section. So, I decided to leave it at two sections cuz, I think it looks better and it looks super awesome and now what I’m gonna do you can actually just leave it like this just hang you down. But I’m gonna take too many bobby pins and just take each section and just kind of tuck it right underneath behind going towards the back of my head and there we have it another super awesome simple option that you can rock with your shorter hair today’s question of the day is. If you celebrate Halloween what are you gonna be this year thank you for reading, I hope you guys liked this hairstyle, I loved it, I love anything with twists or rope braids my jam thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow bye.

Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER EASY Rope Braid Twists Short Hairstyle

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