Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER SIMPLE Twisted Rope Updo

Welcome back, I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer.

So far we are back today with another super simple elegant and romantic updo I’m going to start off with a deeper part nothing too crazy just just a little deeper does not matter which side I’m going to do in my right side and I’m going to grab a section of hair from the top I will leave some of these hairs down just like that and divide into two sections. Because we are going to do like a rope twist effect, I already did this one.

Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER SIMPLE Twisted Rope Updo Photo Gallery

So you guys should know the drill it is really simple. So you are going to take the hair you are going to twist it away on the other one opposite and then you going to bring it over grab a little hair for the top section a little for the bottom making sure, I have some hair right here and you do the same thing give it a twist, I do a couple twists for each side coming down grip in here in the bottom once against the crown.

I’m only going to add hair to the top tied off alright. So the rest of the hair you are going to pick it up either into like a ponytail a little messy bun a high bun whatever you want to do I’m going to do a little messy bun make sure some of these hairs are out, I like go back in Messi your overall look maybe pick some hairs out loosen it up to give it a little bit more of a droopy flowy effect and that completes this plug and this is another one of those that will take you probably less than five minutes to accomplish it looks beautiful it looks intricate intricate intricate looks elegant, and it is just stunning and simple that’s what we all love for today’s comment and question my question for you is how are you guys enjoying these hairstyle a day posts. So far we really want to know your input. Because we really want to do this again in the future.

But for now thank you for reading spending time with me and I will see you guys tomorrow bye.

Hairstyle Of The Day SUPER SIMPLE Twisted Rope Updo

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