Hairstyle Of The Day Topsy Tail Crown Hairstyle For Short Hair

Hello my lovelies today we have subtitles on my shirt obviously this shirt is up on our website Miller boot out Co let's jump into the hairstyle of the day today's hair cell today is going to be a really pretty Topsy tail crown. But I'm gonna do something a little bit differently let's get started I'm keeping my hair right in the middle. Because, I need equal sections. Because we are gonna take hair and we are gonna meet him in the back I'm gonna start creating my taxi tails, I did five equal tops of tails on each side smaller sections, I think looks best when you are trying to create like a half updo.

Because you want the texture and dimension for the entire look. So Topsy tail is where you take a ponytail you split it right on top of the clear elastic and you bring it over and under and then grab a new section along with the ponytail that you just did and do the same thing split it in half and then bring the ponytail over and under and just continue doing that and then take the tube and ponytails toward the back of your head and combine them into 142 a lot of guys asked.

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If you can cut the elastics while you are the tops tails in yes you can. But just make sure you have one Topsy tail or a ponytail that's holding it all together do not cut that one off it is usually the last one.

But I'm going to cut off or I'm gonna have under your system and cut off all the five Topsy tails clear last six. But I'm gonna keep the last one in I'm gonna add a quick wave using my Bionic flat iron. So that's it for this hairstyle it is a super-cute crown that is ridiculously easy to accomplish, I just love the texture, I I love it and then curling the hair very very simply with a flat iron, I think it just tops off the look, I hope you guys like this one today's question of the day might seem a little weird.

But I'm really curious how many of you have actually seen me out in public in person. But maybe we are too shy or too scared to say hi or come up I have seen some youtubers around in public and, I was too scared to say hi oh man look.

If you do see me in public please come up and say hi, I would love to give you a hug and just introduce myself in person just to meet you in person. So many of you have come up and said hi to me and is just.

So awesome cuz, I actually know some of your names from the comments section. Because you do follow me like Instagram Facebook and YouTube. So it is really cool to meet each other in person.

But for now is thank you for reading spending time with me and, I will see you guys tomorrow bye.

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