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Continue reading for more in-depth information regarding the choices you have in hair color processes. This article, which appeared in The New York Times, on August 2006, should help clear up any lingering confusion regarding the safety of hair colors:

The following was written by Dr. Joseph K. McLaughlin, president of the Tnternational Epidemiology Tnstitute, a biomedical research center in Rockville, MD.

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“In the grand scheme of life, using hair dye may present a remote risk to your health, but it would still be less risky than crossing the street, driving a car, not wearing a seat belt or drunk driving but that’s a big if because no one has demonstrated that hair dye lymphoma. ”

I became a Training Director and Tnternational Colorist shortly after Clairol’s infamous ad campaign appeared in every well-known fashion magazine around the world: “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” I think after that, almost every woman wanted to become the gorgeous redhead pictured on the Clairol box. This ad sparked a tidal wave in terms of the popularity of hair color. Within several years, more women were having hair color services than ever before and it has never stopped in the decades since.

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