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Hey everyone. So one of the questions we get asked all the time on the blog is just more questions about our family. So we though this morning we would do a get to know our family post. So obviously I’m Abby, and I’m the mother, and I’m the one that does all the hairdos on the girls. And we have four daughters and one son, and the kids are over here. Who’s the oldest? Me. Me. OK, now for obvious reasons we are not going to give names just for safety. But yes, this is our oldest. And two minutes later we had our second baby.

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And yes, they are twins. We get asked all the time whether we just use one girl a lot as opposed to the others, and actually that’s not true. We just have two that look exactly the same. And the next one. These two are almost. The next one is right here, and she is almost eight. And the question we asked most frequently on her is whether or not she has mascara on. She always does not have mascara. She just has naturally long lashes. Our next girl is right here, and she’s almost six. And we get all of our shorty hairdos from her, huh? High five. And then we have our rambunctious, rowdy two year old. How old are you? Two. How old are you? You’re two. Say, I’m cute. Say, hi. Hi. And then we have the cameraman. How are you? I’m the guy behind the camera. Everybody thinks it is magic. No, it is really me behind the camera. Abby does not have a third arm. It’s just me. Anyway, say bye, girls. And that’s our family. Bye, guys.

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