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Because the average woman often doesn’t know a thing about hair color, the hair colorist usually has to do more work than necessary. This can cause a big problem The client gets upset because the suggested services cost more than she planned to spend. And the colorist is upset because she or he will not get paid for their services. All of these facets need to be addressed and considered, prior to working on your color.

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Salons tend to blog by the service. They are trying to schedule appointments throughout the day so they will not run late. As I mentioned earlier, our multi-tasking lives don’t allow much leeway for “running late” other than at the doctor’s office. When you want highlights and your hair is in bad shape, more often than not, you will need corrective coloring, which will end up costing a lot more than highlights. If you have dark roots and orange ends, the hair has to be taken to an “all-over,” even shade, so the highlights will look good; and pop.

When you have come to a place of unhappiness about your hair, more likely than not, something is wrong with your hair color. If you don’t feel good in it it is time for a change.

Often the change may take more time and money, but sometimes, it doesn’t and you will wonder why you didn’t make your change sooner. This may also occur when you aren’t taking the time to communicate clearly with your colorist.

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