Hairstyles For Short Hair Men

If your present hair color is a light brown, just try a shade a bit deeper, or use a shade which has a bit of red in its overall tone. Don’t do something outrageous unless you’re going to a costume party! Be realistic, as you’re trying to see if you would look good with the color change.

The next step: Before you go to the salon or to the drugstore, buy a fashion magazine and cut out photos of the colors you like. You’ll know “the one” when you see it. We almost always find a model on the pages who we kind of look like. Be realistic here don’t choose someone you just wish you looked like

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For example, if your hair is blonde and you have a light complexion, choose a model who best fits the same criteria. You could choose a color in any range within blonde, or choose a new shade of red. You will be safe with either of these selections, because generally, all light skin tones blend well with pretty blondes and red shades.

Young people often like to make a drastic change and go from “blonde to black” in the blink of an eye. This is fun if you’re in your pre-20-somethings and have flawless skin with healthy hair…then, you can pull it off. If you do make a drastic change, be aware this will be very difficult to remove and your mother will hate it!

After you have cut out pictures of models with the desired shades of hair color, take your “portfolio” with you to the drugstore or salon. Drugstores have box photos and the salons have swatch charts to examine when making your final choice. Another important part of the hair color decision-making process is considering the fact everyone has different hair types and different hair-care needs, which require different processes. Take a look at the following processes and solutions, which will work with all types and textures of hair.

Hairstyles For Short Hair Men

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