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What happens when a celebrated private chef (Allan Wyse, near left) and a global organic food entrepreneur (Erik Bruun Bindslev) join forces? Life-altering frozen food.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Okay, what’s not to love about a gourmet-quality meal that goes from freezer to table in about 10 minutes? Not. A. Thing. Wyse Organics brings the sous-vide cooking method used in gourmet restaurants around the world to the family table. The process consists of sealing prepared food in airtight plastic bags and freezing it. When needed, the BPA-free bags are then submerged in simmering water until the food is cooked completely. The technique and packaging not only preserve the food but naturally seal in both the flavors and essential fats of the fresh, organic ingredients found in Chef Allan’s recipes. Though currently only available to the New York City and Long Island areas, our money is on these two to expand their reach.

THE A-HA MOMENT: œThree years ago Allan had given a sample prototype to a friend, says Erik. “One evening his friend got home late (no food, too late for takeout or delivery) and saw it in the freezer. He called up the next day and said, This is amazing! It’s like I just cooked it! You have to sell these!'”

Drink or rub in the superstar benefits of green tea now grown here in Virginia!

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