In the middle of the Super Bowl, the Halftime Show entertains the crowd. In the early days, it was a marching band but now its grown to a huge rock concert. But believe it or not, the performers dont get paid to perform. Michael Jackson, U2, Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas, and Beyonce were not paid. Why did they perform for free? The benefit to the halftime performer is exposure to potential fans.


The halftime show is a rock concert. The NFL pays $600,000 toward the costs of production such as the backup singers, dancers, and musicians. But shows often cost several million dollars and more. The performer may have a sponsor to help with the extra costs. A producer plans the show months ahead, designing the look of the show, then hiring companies to provide other elements such as the lighting, pyrotechnics, and stages. Beyonce’s stage at the 2013 performance in New Orleans was made of 35 pieces.

The show used more than 1,000 light fixtures, which were set up by 600 volunteers.


Performing at the halftime show gives an artist exposure to about 110 million people. Even a famous band or performer will find new fans. The increased purchases and downloads of the performer’s albums and songs immediately after the show proves that point.

Sponsors also pay to have their company name linked to the show for exposure to the show’s audience. Companies, such as Oscar Mayer (meats), Bridgestone (tires), and AOL (Internet service provider), have been past sponsors. Pepsi is the latest show sponsor, paying an estimated $7 million for the right to call the show the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2013 during the Pepsi Halftime Show and saw a 40 percent boost to her own album sales and those of her former band, Destiny’s Child.

In 2012, sales of the songs Madonna performed in the halftime show increased by 165 percent in the week after her performance. Before the show, her songs I were purchased 197,000 times. But,

I afterward the number rose to 522,000.


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