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Gurpreet Kaur is a senior make-up artist at LOOKS Salon in Khan Market, Delhi. She has been with the salon chain for seven years now and thoroughly enjoys the nature of her work. Here’s what she has to share on the initial barriers, professional tips and more

How has your journey been, so far? Halle Berry

The beginning was tough, as my parents were not in favour of this profession due to lack of awareness amongst people; moreover, professional degrees like MBBS and MBA were considered to be the correct career to have. However,

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I stuck to this line and here I am! Myjourney has been exciting. It was a big challenge to learn the techniques, but if you have passion and dedication towards this profession, no challenge is hard enough.

What were your initial concerns? How did you overcome them? Halle Berry

I would say fi nding the right opportunity was and is a big concern. However, with time matters do get ironed out. I was determined to establish my name in this industry and I’m still pursuing it. My thumb rule is to ‘never give up’. Yet another challenge is to match the expectations of the clients.

Halle Berry Best Dresses

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