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Work Sphere Exercise No. 3: Everything Would Be Great, But this exercise is designed for people who are convinced they would truly enjoy their job except for a “but” (for example, “I would love what I do, but my boss is always picking on me.”) In other words, one or more factors diminish their enjoyment or limit their potential. The following exercise is in two parts: identifying the but and figuring out how to remove it.

The following are options for removing buts, starting with the most simple and proceeding to the most difficult (or the ones that involve the greatest risks):

Request changes. Talk to your boss or any other relevant party and make your case for changing the situation to the way you want.

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Try to strike a compromise. Find a middle ground between what you want to make work better and what someone else wants and see if that improves your quality of work life.

Create a written proposal for the changes you’re seeking. Make a compelling argument in print, and present it as you would any business presentation.

Ask for a transfer somewhere else in the company. Thus you’re removed from the but.

Happy Yoga Poses

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