Solid corners are used only to make the effect of a wrinkled wrinkle in real makeup. In order for a hard corner to be fully effective, the darkest darkness with the clearest light must come together without overtaking, without being plowed, or without hair. Hard corners can be clean and sharp. The following steps can be used when making a hard corner.

1 Coat a piece of your skin with a medium foundation foundation.

2 I get some high-light color from your hand or palette with your brush.

3 If the hard corner changes slowly with an end (which is usually the case) remove the brush gradually. So just tap it too much as you move it. If there are irregularities in the corner, go through the entire corner again in the same way to make corrections.


4 Clean your brush cleanly. If you are using mold makeup, the brush should be colored.

5 If you want wider than you have high light (like when you are at the top when we light the curtain), place the brush in the same position as the step three, and only touch the bottom to paint the brush away from the tough corner. By pulling some dyes outward, how far you draw the paint, of course, depends on the width you want to have a high light. We hold it by moving it in the direction of the high light and repeating it with the whole length of the high light. If you do not want to expand the light, but just want to mix it, skip this step completely.

6 Clean the brush to soften the outer edge of the high light. Then strike very lightly on the high beam, keeping it parallel to the hard corner. Mix the corner with the brush and mix it into the foundation color, until you get a soft corner.

7 Observe the high light. If you need empowerment, repeat the whole method on what you do now. Continue until you get the strength you want to do this. The powder you make will be good at this point.

8 Use the shading color and work in the opposite direction to follow the same method as the high light, be very careful not to allow the clean sharp corner to be protected and the shadow to be overlaid with the high light.

When you learn to style hard and soft angles convincingly, you can apply the technique of bringing the images of the three dimensional changes in the face to the center.


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