Hawaiian Pork Patties Recipe

Hawaiian Pork Patties Recipe

Cooking Time: 15-20 minutes You will need for 4 servings:

8 oz. pork sausage meat

4 tablespoons fresh breadcrumbs 1 tablespoon chopped parsley or mint cornflour salt and pepper

1 egg browned breadcrumbs for coating oil for frying

4 slices canned pineapple

1 teaspoon French mustard

1 Mix sausage meat, breadcrumbs, parsley or mint.

2 Shape into 4 round cakes.

3 Coat with cornflour seasoned with salt and pepper.

4 Dip in egg and breadcrumbs.

5 Fry in hot oil until browned on both sides and cooked through.

6 Remove from pan and keep hot.

7 Drain pineapple rings. Smear lightly with mustard. Fry for 5 minutes.

8 Top each patty with a pineapple ring.

Gammon steaks with honey glaze

Cooking Time: 25 minutes approximately

You will need for 4 servings:

2 tablespoons corn 2 tablespoons vinegar oil

2 tablespoons honey

4 gammon steaks J-J inch thick

1 Put the com oil, honey and vinegar in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

2 Snip the fat around each gammon steak and brash with a little of the glaze.

3 Grill on one side of the steaks for 5-10 minutes then turn them over, brash again with the glaze and continue cooking for a further 5-10 minutes or until tender.

4 Serve with creamed potatoes.

Hawaiian Pork Patties Recipe

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