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Bring the glorious scent of a summer inside with this Melbourne-made candle from SOH. The aroma of fresh fig, blackcurrant leaves and blackberries was specially created to evoke thoughts of warm weather picnics and fresh fruit – all in a chic copper vessel. $70,

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Cancel that date with The Moment – daydreaming is making a comeback thanks to a new book by positive psychologists Dr Robert Biswas-Diener and Dr Todd Kashdan. The Power of Negative Emotion reasons that mindlessness has been unnecessarily demonised by the in the nowmovement. Mindfulness, kindness, and positivity can take us far, they say. But they cannot take us all the way. Sometimes, they can even hold us back The theory is that mindlessness helps us make better decisions, basically because we can rely on automatic processing and instinct more than we think and that, by being mindful of anything and everything, we are cluttering the path of our intuition.

TRY IT: The key to successful mindlessness, they say, is a) harnessing autopilot, b) taking impulsive action and c) trusting mindless decision-making.

The five-minute favour is the idea that not every act of giving has to be time consuming or costly, says Wharton School of Business Professor of Management Adam Grant. Think of ways you can micro loan’your time – unstacking the dishwasher or offering to help someone with their groceries. Instant feelgood.

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