Healthy Food Swaps, Changing Your Lifestyle And Shaping Up


I’m constantly trying to eat more healthily so, when I read ‘Smart Food Swaps’ (December issue), I was surprised how focusing on small, simple changes can healthy eating more manageable and sustainable in the long term. Instead of throwing my kitchen eating habits and sanity upside down, it I focus on making simple food swaps, it’ll save me calories and help me slim down. This article made me realise the choices I make about what I eat and drink matter. They should add up to a balanced, nutritious diet.Seren Roberts, Sir Y Flint, Wales

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All of my life, I’ve hated all things that involved exercise and was overweight from an early age. I developed Type 2 diabetes after I had my two children, then was diagnosed with MS when I was 46. When I was 53, I had a diabetic check-up and was told that my sugar level was still too high and this posed a lot of risks to my health. I was on the maximum dose of oral medication. I weighed 104 kg and was eating the wrong foods. The MS nurse said that I’d find some benefit in improving my core and maybe losing some weight, which wasn’t easy due to my inactivity.My 20-year-old son had, while at uni the previous year, changed his diet and fitness regime. I decided to try it too and signed up at the gym. Eighteen months down the line, I’ve lost 23kg, lost inches all over, am walking taller, my core is vastly improved, and the diabetic medication has been cut down due to my healthier eating.It may take a little longer than most people due to the fact I have MS, but I’ve Learnt it’s never too late to improve.Debbie Tobin, Poole


Your brilliant ‘Party Dress Body’ workout (December issue) is just what I needed for party season! The easy-to-follow moves have been making a huge difference to how I look and feel and I’ll be keeping them up well into the new year. Thank you H&F.Shirin Burton, Clwyd, Wales

What are you aiming to achıeve in 2013?‘I’m signing up for a half marathon – I’ve been gradually increasing my runs from 10K and feel just about ready to take on the challenge!’Susan Dingle, Inverness I’m going to look for a new job – I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while now.’Denise Denver, Newcastle’S fancy booking an active holiday and having a proper break – I didn’t take enough time off last year.’ Jasmine Patel, London

Healthy Food Swaps, Changing  Your Lifestyle And Shaping Up


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Healthy Food Swaps, Changing  Your Lifestyle And Shaping Up

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