Dosage is normally specific to a herb and its preparation, therefore you must follow the instructions from the manufacturer if you buy a ready-made product.

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It is essential that you understand that the recommended tincture dosages in this blog refer to particular tincture strengths. Each dosage recommendation follows the same pattern throughout the blog, for example: 1-5ml, 1-3 times a day, 1:2 tincture strength.

Adjusting the dosage to the situation

As you can see from this example, a single dose can vary between a minimum (1ml in this case) and a maximum (5ml in this case). If you have mild symptoms you should use a minimum dose at the minimal frequency a day (usually just once), but if the symptoms are severe you should use the maximum dose 3 times a day. If you are of slight build you should opt for the small dosages, but if you are of large frame you will need dosages close to the maximum If you are not getting the desired effect with the minimum dose, increase it gradually, but do not take more than the recommended maximum There is a large variation in what people need as individuals in terms of dosage, and it may take you some time to work out your optimal dose. Sometimes I recommend a specific dose for specific circumstances, which will differ from the usual dose range.

Dealing with different tincture strengths

Because the dosage depends on the tincture strength and varies from herb to herb, it is not possible to give general guidance on the amount of tincture you should take. I suggest that you should try to obtain the exact tincture strengths advised in this blog, which means that you can follow the advice on the dosage directly. If you have a different tincture strength from the one recommended in this blog you must use the tincture according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Measuring out the dose

For practical purposes, 5ml is equivalent to an average teaspoon, but if you want to be exact you can buy measuring spoons or beakers from the chemist. Sometimes it is easier to use drops to measure out a dose. As 1ml of a tincture equals 10 drops, any dosage below 1ml can be easily converted to drops. For example, 0.4ml is equivalent to 4 drops. Use a glass dropper to measure out the drops.

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