Another important point is that herbs that are used medicinally are non-addictive: you can stop using them at any time without risking the onset of withdrawal symptoms. This is especially important for people who suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia, as they often become dependent on conventional medication. Most herbs can also be used alongside orthodox medication, although this is best done under the supervision of a trained medical herbalist.



Herbs have the advantage of being cheap and easily available – you can grow some in your garden or in plant pots for your domestic use. Growing your own medicine is immensely satisfying, as it gives you a real sense of self-reliance. Whether you decide to grow your own herbs or buy them over the counter, you will be taking a positive step towards maintaining optimal health. You will be choosing an effective, safe and natural option; an option, moreover, that has been tested over many previous generations.


Humans are not unique in using plants as medicines. Many animals – monkeys, horses, birds, cats and dogs – self-medicate with plants. Chimps have been observed to use herbs both internally and externally to get rid of parasites, stomach ache and itchy skin; presumably they have an instinct that guides them to the right plant for a specific situation. People who live very close to nature – the Amazonian Indians, for instance – claim that the plants themselves ‘tell’ them which disease they are for. One could interpret this as instinct or very finely tuned senses which develop when living in a natural environment. It is unlikely that people in Western countries have even a tiny remnant of that instinct, but we can learn from the knowledge accumulated by our predecessors as well as from modern scientific research into plant properties.


Of course, there are limits to what herbs can treat and there are situations where self-medicating with herbs is not the best choice, and throughout the blog I make it quite clear when it is advisable to seek professional help.

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