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Chemical warfare on your hair style

For the two decades that I was dying and torturing my hair, I was blissfully unaware of the actual damage I was inflicting. Brittle hair and split ends were an acceptable norm.

My quick fixes and expensive salon visits were just a bandaid to the underlying growing number of my hair problems. You see, like many of us, I did not fully understand that chemical damage occurs every time you colour, perm, relax and straighten your hair.

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I acknowledge there are those amongst us who will continue to dye and chemically alter their hair. Reading the boxes and being aware of what you are putting onto your hair will help lessen damage. Don’t always believe the hype; the front of the box and TV commercials will tell you one story, whereas the actual ingredients will tell you another.

The Facts: Synthetic hair dyes penetrate into the cortex of the hair, binding to and altering your natural pigment. For the chemicals to penetrate into the cortex, the cuticle of the hair needs to be lifted (remember those protective overlapping scale-like cells we mentioned at the start of the blog?).

That’s why ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, or a bleaching solution, is used in synthetic hair dye. The ammonia and peroxide break down parts of the keratin (the protein hair is made from) in your hair each time you colour and can raise your hair’s pH to damaging levels.

Highlight And Lowlight Ideas For Blondes 

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