Highlights of using the foundation

Highlights of using the foundation

The powder, which forms an important part of the application of the foundation, is a material that is not used much except to rush over the glowing nose. The powder, which once brought a thick layer of fruit, is now produced in feather lightness and one of the must-have of makeup. This magic wand can help cover many makeup mistakes and flaws.

There are two types of powder: powdered powder used to make makeup, and compressed or compacted powder used alone or in the course of the day for finishing touches. You can use them for the following applications:

To fix the foundation and sealer, especially to ensure cream-based products are available to flow, to ensure that your lipstick remains permanent after the first application. R To create a smooth and refined surface that allows easy and smooth application of color cosmetics without wrinkles and wrinkles.

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To combine the texture of the foundation and lighten the overuse of blush or eye shadow Too much exercise to keep the oily secretions away and suck up unwanted nipples, although it causes aging.

Nowadays, the most important feature of sealers is that they can be used both under and over the make-up.

If you perform a slight wipe action, you can drag the closeer over your existing makeup.

You can apply it under the foundation and retouch later around the detention area, but most makeup artists first apply the foundation. You will most likely need two types of closure: a denser, rich pigmented one to close the stains with a thin, light-reflecting formula for the bottom of your eyes.

The light-distributing closers are ideal for wearing tired points in the face, such as the nostrils, the eyes and the edges of the lips. Extremely light textures are great for those who do not want to drive anything else on their skin. The only thing that will not be done with the light reflectors is to dance under the UV disco light after using them, except for use on the asterisk. Of course, if you do not plan to scare someone. They make their swelling better.

Highlights of using the foundation

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