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I first started using the nitrifying CO2 solution in 1995 when many more people did not recognize it. Now his skin softening properties are everywhere as a will. Horsetail CO2 is obtained from the nuts of the plant Hippophae rhamnoides, widely grown in Lithuania and China.

Its properties include a large amount of linoleic acids, vitamins A and E, which are refreshing and soothing for the skin. It is rich in betacarotene which gives it a dark orange color and is also effective as a wrinkle remover and skin softener. For this reason, you will find it in many of my remedies.

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Rose Essential Oil

The rose (Rose Damascena, R. Alba, R. Centifolia) is another star of the aromatic scene and a combination of the world’s most famous perfumes, with all the world’s beauty, charming curves, smell and lovely color fan. It is mainly grown in France, India, Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco for rose essence oil, which is often called the Queen of Flowers. When the rose extract and $ iron are separated from the flowers by the solvents, the essence oil is distilled from the petals of the flowers.

Aromatherapists recommend using Rosa damascena essential oil to relieve severe depression. The famous English aromatherapist Robert Tisserand also suggests that this oil is an effective treatment for aging, dry and sensitive skin. There is a debate in the aromatherapy mosque about the use of rosemary aromatherapide, as it may contain residual solutes remaining in the solubilization process.

Rose blends well with many other oils, including orange buds, sandalwood, dairy and lavender. In terms of continuity and quality, my preference is those who grow up in Bulgaria’s Redemption Valley.

Home Made Skin Care Products

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