Home Remedies to FOOD POISONING

Medical help is strongly advised for this condition.

Food poisoning usually develops rapidly a few hours after eating an offending meal. The usual symptoms include severe stomach ache, nausea, vomiting and, later, diarrhoea. You must seek medical help if the symptoms persist for more than a few hours or are very severe.

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Treatment options

• Take charcoal tablets with some water, if you can manage to keep them down! Adults: 2 tablets every 2 hours, up to 8 tablets a day, with plenty of water.

• Drink strong chamomile tea to reduce the stomach irritation (for precautions see post 47). Adults:

1-3 cups a day.

• Resort to the anti-diarrhoea mix (see post 58)if diarrhoea is a prominent feature.

Children (2-16years old): adjust the adult dose downwards, depending on the age of the child – see post 6.

Home Remedies to FOOD POISONING

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