Home Remedies to Fractures

Fractured bones obviously require the attention of a doctor or the emergency services in a hospital. Most cases will end up in plaster, so you will not have much access to the actual site of the fracture. However, you can apply a herbal cream or ointment to the skin adjacent to the plaster, as enough will be absorbed in the area to speed up healing.

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In some situations it is not possible to put bones in plaster – for instance if you break your ribs, a finger or toe – in which case you can apply the external treatment directly to the skin over the injured part to speed up the recovery.

Treatment options

• If the skin is intact, apply arnica ointment to the area over the broken bone before the plaster is put on (for precautions see post 68). Adults and children: apply once, liberally.

• Apply a comfrey poultice or ointment to the area immediately adjacent to the plaster. Adults and children: apply once or twice a day for as long as you have the plaster on.

• Apply comfrey ointment directly to the skin over the broken rib, toe or finger – be very gentle. Adults and children: twice a day.

Home Remedies to Fractures

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