Home Remedies to Haemorrhoids piles

Practitioner treatment is recommended for this condition.

Haemorrhoids are a troublesome problem at the very end of the digestive tract! Make sure you do not get constipated, as that can make the problem worse. If the haemorrhoids don’t improve quickly with the external application of the cream described overleaf, you may need an internal treatment from a herbalist.

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Treatment options

• Apply a compress of warm calendula tea to the anus 2-5 times a day (use little cotton wool pieces rather than cloth, soak each one thoroughly, hold gently pressed against the haemorrhoids until the tea cools down, and use another piece to repeat the procedure). For precautions see post 114.

• Apply plain calendula cream or ointment to the anus 2 times a day. For precautions see post 114.


• 25g calendula cream (for precautions see post 114)

• 5ml witch hazel tincture or witch hazel distilled water To make

• Mix well.

• Transfer to a clean, dark glass jar, making sure that there are no air pockets left. Store for up to 12 months.

To use: apply to the anus twice a day. Note: this cream may sting temporarily.

Home Remedies to Haemorrhoids piles

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