ARIES 21 March “ 20 April Love and romance are on your agenda, but your tendency to be overly romantic with unrealistic expectations could lead to disappointment. Yes, falling in love is great, but not with the wrong person, and you are looking at life “ and the candidates “ through rose-tinted spectacles. You may fi nd yourself having to side-step to get out of an uncomfortable situation. TAURUS 21 April “ 20 May Practical Taurus seems to be wandering down the path of daydreams and idealistic expectations. Be on your guard, though: you may fi nd yourself falling for overenthusiastic romantic gestures. Any fl ing right now is not likely to last, so just enjoy it for what it is. GEMINI 21 May “ 20 June Super-sociable Gemini people will take a break from the party scene, because home appears more alluring. Your critical faculties are highly attuned to things that need changing , although you may irritate others with your focus on things that are wrong. Put your words into action.

CANCER 21 June “ 20 July You dont seem to be communicating your emotional needs very well this month, expecting others just to know what you want and feeling lonely and unloved when they dont! Not everybody has the same level of sensitivity, so make yourself clear. Ask for what you want. LEO 21 July “ 20 August You have to kick into work mode again, the pressure is mounting and you cant run from your responsibilities much longer. Youll have to pull out all the stops to override your lack of enthusiasm, but if you are lucky, you may be able to delegate the unpleasant jobs. VIRGO 21 August “ 20 September The typically critical Virgo eye is very conscious of all that is wrong. Yet youre also able to see the positive and can do something about the things that are bothering you. Dont be too hard on your partner “ theyre doing their best. LIBRA 21 September “ 20 October The desire for a fairy-tale romance has taken hold of you, and your expectations are going to be very hard to meet, since your partner is only human after all. Dont expect people to guess what you want or need “ telepathy only works on a select few. However, you are laidback enough not to get too frustrated by circumstances.

SCORPIO 21 October “ 20 November You will fi nd it a challenge to start your work engine again “ you have slipped so deeply into relaxation mode that you may just be lost there for a while. Romance and leisure are all thats currently on your agenda. Make the most of this period while it lasts. SAGITTARIUS 21 November “ 20 December As Saturn is well into your sign, things are becoming more challenging, pressure is mounting, and at work you have more responsibility and expectations to meet than you are comfortable with.

But you can surprise yourself and achieve more than you possibly expected. CAPRICORN 21 December “ 20 January In March Capricorns get busy setting up projects that will have long-term fi nancial benefi ts. Dont be tempted to make hasty decisions or be lured by the big carrot. Some people may take o ence to your rejection, but remember you know best. AQUARIUS 21 January “ 20 February You are not going to let anything take you down; you are aware of things that are out of place or not functioning as they should. Youll gladly take on the responsibility of fi xing things. Dont be too critical of others “ it can give o ence and cause delays.

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