PISCES 21 February 20 March Finances and fi nancial woes are on your mind this month not because money is short, but because there are so many lovely things, both practical and pleasurable, that you want to spend it on. As much as you want to be practical, you might battle

ARIES 21 March 20 April You are hurrying around and getting frustrated with people who can’t keep up this month. Being Aries, your need to do everything at speed is more pronounced than usual, yet you do not seem to be getting much done. Focusing your attention on one thing at a time will be challenging.

TAURUS 21 April 20 May You are in for a fun time this month, acting out of character and being louder than other people are used to in you. Those around you will see a lighter and more adventurous side of you, to their (and your) surprise and delight.

GEMINI 21 May 20 June You are clearly attracting everyone’s attention with your chatty charm and exuberance. You are game for anything and will tackle any project with enthusiasm, inspiring those around you. Have fun nobody is stopping you.

SHUTTERSTOCK 21 January 20 February The tables have turned for you and suddenly you are more organised and self-disciplined than you have been for a while. Your friends are going to wonder what has happened to you! Everything you do will be well thought-out and planned. Others will pay attention and follow your lead.

CANCER 21 June 20 July Don’t be gloomy: everybody else may seem to be getting attention this month, but if you are honest, you prefer it this way. You have more serious things to focus on, like making your plans and putting your house in order.

LEO 21 July 20 August Hard as you try, you will fi nd it diffi cult to focus on work. Your heart is still on holiday, enjoying the good times, and this will be apparent to everyone. You can’t seem to stay at home either, as the planet Jupiter is inviting you to overindulge.

VIRGO 21 August 20 September Serious Virgos are in the mood for love and you are tempted to allow your usual caution to take a back seat. Be careful, though, not to miss the opportunity by overthinking and overplanning. Everything does not have to be perfect; a great opportunity to take a leap of faith will arise. Surprise yourself.

LIBRA 21 September 20 October You’ll be inclined towards indulgence this month, but will also derive lots of pleasure and satisfaction if you do not overdo it. You will struggle to keep your attention on chores. This is certainly not the time to go shopping, as you could overspend, despite the warnings of your common sense.

SCORPIO 21 October 20 November After the long haul of having the planet of restriction and challenges Saturn travelling through your sign, you will now be released from its eff ects. At the same time, do not expect everything to go back to normal yet: you will fi nd your focus scattered and your attention span short, so do not start any major longterm projects.

SAGITTARIUS 21 November 20 December Your sunny up for anythingpersonality turns a little more serious this month as Saturn, the planet of responsible behaviour, leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Time to knuckle down and get stuck into that project you have been putting off for so long. No chance for fun and games now; it is time to take responsibility for your actions.

CAPRICORN 21 December 20 January Friends will try and tempt you into having a good time, but you are not likely to take the bait. You have more serious things on your mind, like setting your goals and planning for the year ahead. To top it all, you are not in the most sociable mood and prefer your own company.



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