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Controlling Money

If you’r e obsessive about your investments and accounting for every penny you make, try the following:

As an experiment, refuse to balance your checkblog for a week. Then ask yourself what was the worst thing that happened because of this action. Many times, people need to give themselves visible proof that the world won’’ come tumbling down on their heads if they moderate an obsessive (time-wasting) behavior.

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Make a conscious effort to check any of your financial portfolios/investments only once a day. See if you can check them even less frequently maybe a few times a week and find a comfort level with that more moderate schedule.

If you frequently bounce checks and receive late-payment notices, try the following:

Appoint a spouse or a friend as your money monitor and have him call you regularly to ask if you’ve paid certain bills or balanced your checkblog. Better yet, hire a blogkeeper to pay bills or get your bank to pay some bills automatically.

Use a computer program that reminds you to make payments; this financial alarm clock can serve as a gentle reminder to exert more control over your finances.

Set up a system with your bank to automatically pay bills so they are never late.

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