Consumers are impressionablethey do not need to see a real person on the street wearing a style to recognize it as a trend. For instance, let’s say camouflage-print tops come into fashion this fall. Magazines begin to show them, stores begin to stock them. A fifteenyear- old would know that camouflage-print tops were hot this season without ever seeing one on an actual girl. Similarly, as fur’s new popularity was continually hyped by Saga and other marketing organizations, the hype became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fur industry groups made a push for designers to use more fur by offering free pelts, the use of their facilities, and opportunities for advertising relationships. Several designers took them up on the offer and produced fur garments for their upcoming shows. The fashion media, always looking for a trend to tie together a season, noticed that more than a few designers had used fur and pronounced the comeback of fur in magazines and newspapers, and on TV. Manufacturers and retailers, who read the fashion show wrap-ups, stepped up production of fur garments, anticipating an increase in demand. Other stores caught wind of the news that major retailers were stocking fur, so they followed suit.

And finally, completing the chain, consumers, who had suddenly started spotting fur everywhere, caught on to the trend and bought more fur. The demand for fur had been slyly put in motion by the fur promoters themselves. Once the first seed had been planted in the minds of the public, the marketing push intensified. PR-savvy celebrities may not have been brazen enough to attend pro-fur rallies, pose for pro-fur billboards, or speak out publicly about how much they adored fur, but pro-fur stars did indirectly show their support simply by being seen in it. At the 2000 Oscars, Jennifer Lopez created nearly as much of a buzz with her fur eyelashes as she did with her see-through Chanel gown.12 Best Perfumes for Summer 2015 – New Summer Fragrances Ltf


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