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How A Man Presents Himself With Class Men’s Style Advice Speaking & Presentation Tips Hi. Iím Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today Iím going to be talking about Presenting Yourself with Class.

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All right. If you havenít already, make sure to comment to our my blog. That way these posts are brought right to you. In addition, if you like this post, go ahead and click on it down below. This lets me know that you enjoyed this especially in this post today because Iím kind of stepping away from style just a bit. But they are in the same ballpark. And this is a question that was asked of me. Finally, go ahead and click on the article down below. Iím always going to link to an article which expands on what Iíve talked about here. And hopefully, if you want to learn to read more, I just want to send you to a resource thatís going to help you learn more about this. Okay. Presenting yourself with class.

This is the question I received. ìCarl, thank you so much for taking the time to share your interest, insight, and knowledge. Can you speak on presenting oneself with class? I come from a working class family but I feel my family operates in similar ways to families of higher standing. I feel that class and integrity is something we work for regardless of how much money you have. It needs to be ñ should be ingrained in everything we do. Can you discuss practical ways to harness more class towards everybody?î Okay, thatís a pretty big question. Itís a little bit outside of style but Iím going to try to bring it in. And itís more about presenting yourself with class. And from my experience, it comes down to three things. The first thing is you need to know yourself and be comfortable with who you are. Not all of us are perfect. Not all of us have achieved great things.

Everybody starts at a lowly small place. And we, over a time, we build ourselves up and we fall down quite a bit. And you need to be comfortable with that. Because oftentimes, we fall into this trap that we compare ourselves with others and we donít really ñ weíre not confident in ourselves. We feel that there is always somebody better. And you know what, there probably is, you know, in terms of what youíre looking at. When it comes to menís style, I know I have a lot to learn. Even though I have read tons of books, Iíve been studying this stuff for years. Iíve got a custom clothier. I started websites on this. I know that there are men, Allen Flusser and Bernhard Roetzel and ñ well, I could go on and on, who are just way ahead of me. But I also look at, you know, what I have and what are my strengths and whatís going to make me unique? And thatís where ñ you have to look at that with yourself and say, ìWow, thatís what Iím going to be able to stand on.

Because Iíve got, you know, certain things about me that I know I can draw upon. Iíll use my ñ I mean, Iíve got time. I know that the guys I just mentioned, theyíre a few decades ahead of me in terms of time. And Iím going to be able to catch, you know, those guys. I know it because Iíve got a good understanding of the web and you know, Iíve also got a military background. So that makes me a bit unique because itís something that allows me to connect with a lot of guys. And I really want to show that style and fashion ñ itís not just for ñ how can I say ñ for girly men. You know this is something that I think every guy can benefit from. Whether heís a lumberjack up in Washington or whether he is a, you know, heís over in Cape Cod and heís, you know, picking up ñ getting ñ pulling lobsters out of the Atlantic Ocean. I think that personal style comes down ñ because each of those guys, they do get dress up and they go to church on Sundays or theyíre going to walk their little girl down an aisle or they are going to go out on a date. And they want to be able to interact with other people. And you know, thatís what I draw my strength from.

So, know yourself. Know what your strengths are. Know what your weaknesses are and donít be afraid of them. And you know, be happy with who you are. And if you can do that, you can walk in front of everybody because youíre not ñ youíre going to look at them as peers, as people that are on the same journey that we call life. And youíre going to be able to interact with them in the same way you interact with your friends. Number two ñ know your audience. Know who youíre talking with and feel for them. Feel that ñ you know donít treat them like numbers. Donít treat them like theyíre lower than you. Donít treat them that theyíre higher than you. Treat them as you would, you know, another, how you would want to be treated.

And if you can treat them with respect, you know, dress properly for the ñ for the occasion. Youíre going to do well when you pay attention and you respect your audience. Number three ñ be observant of time. Of all the things out there, time is the most important thing that we have. Because even the richest man in the world cannot buy an extra moment of life. And here on my blog, people can ñ if Iím wasting your time, you can click the stop button and you can go away. But whenever youíre in front of an audience or youíre presenting yourself in person, itís really hard for people to walk away. I mean, with people, if youíre in a big, you know, audience people will get up and leave. But itís one of those things that you want to be very observant, that you are not only giving but are they taking and do they really want to be receiving this? So, be very careful whenever youíre talking with somebody or youíre presenting to a group. Respect their time. And finally, you know, maybe kind of bonus but give ñ whoever youíre talking with ñ give them your absolute best. And be honest because if youíre not honest, youíre going to have to have a great memory because no one can remember, you know, all those little lies if you start throwing those out there.

And give people everything youíve got because if you donít show enthusiasm, and you donít bring that to the table, you think anyone else is going to? So, thatís how I would present ñ or I try to present myself with class. Hopefully, this works for you. And appreciate the question. All right. This has been Carl Centeno at this style blog. If youíd like to learn more about style, visit me over at this style blog. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next post. Take care. Bye-bye.

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