How Charming Are You?

How Much A woman with young, thin, white and western facial features has the chance to pass throughattractivenessin this country. Of course millions of women do not fit most of these criteria, but we still ridiculously internalize this narrow viewpoint and believe that we will look like it if we strive hard enough.

Because we live in the celebrity culture, the outer appearance; in magazines, in television and in styles and styles in films: people who are expected to be good as long as they live because of their profession. Yet we are pressed to believe that we can look like them, because we are women. The star of the TV program Felicity, Keri Russel, dropped the rating in the second half of the program when she chose her long, thick hair.

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Program assistant J. J. Abrams said in a serious statement, “We have all the responsibility of cutting off the hair.” So why did the rating fall like a loose rattle? A spokesman from the Warner Bros. network said, “Women seem to be associated with Russell’s character. When she cuts her hair, the women reacted,I do not want to be like this person, they are destroying my dreams, and the women have heard it over and over again. “13 The celebrity machine wants to convince ordinary people that this fake brilliance will penetrate them. Thus, many women mistakenly think that they will have the same appearance as fame (special trainers, make-up makers, hairdressers, face care specialists, yoga pros, manicurists and fashion designers). Millions of women are wasting valuable resources, including self-esteem, with things like diet and the secrets of being beautiful in the stars. But this is not a beauty ideal by itself, but it is harmful at the same time. The fact that beauty is so narrowly conceptualized makes women want to think expensive and impossible. I find the celebrity culture particularly vulnerable because of the betting that the risk of pregnant women should be seen. Magazines such as People and In Style show photographs of stars that appear in perfect style until birth, such as faith, Madonna, Josie Bisset, and Reese Witherspoon.

They form an ideal that is slowly injected into ordinary women. Those ordinary pregnant dresses14, which are considered normal in the past, and shoe-free shoes are now widely accepted. In Style, the designer of fame, Nicole Miller, Liz Lange, Lilly Pulitzer andA Pea in the Podstores four pages from the selected samples of pregnant women’s clothes. A woman just keeps this in mind for a few months, the prices for clothing are starting at two hundred dollars. A thirty-one-year-old writer is in trouble in New York magazine, “It’s no longer cool to be a pregnant woman wearing tight black leggings and her husband’s shirt. “It is no excuse to be around a bum around being pregnant.” 15 Moreover, after birth, as if the body was made from rubber, you would have to give up the old form of the woman rotation is expected. TO! Melissa Rivers, a fashion commentator on her channel, complained that her first child still felt fat because she had not passed four months before her birth. “Before I got pregnant, I had thirty-two mothers, now I need thirty-four or thirty-six bodies and at least 4.5 pounds.” When Julia Roberts asked why she did not have a child, no wonder she replied, “I love my flat, little belly.” Unlike Catherine Zeta Jones, who gave her pregnancy kilos in three months (exactly when she was married to Michael Douglas) and Marlee Matlin, who gave her twenty-eight pounds in five months after birth, most of the kilograms I had in my first pregnancy received six months. The rate of weight loss was fairly normal, but if the images created by the media are taken into consideration, what else could I feel except for failure?

How Charming Are You?

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