How Does Under-Eye Bruising and Swelling Happen?

How Does Under-Eye Bruising and Swelling Happen?

Quick repairs. A tea sponge kept in ice or iced water creates miracles in tired and loose skin around the eyes. You can also try slices of zucchini and cucumber soaked with warm ginseng tea. Dark-colored rings. Use eye creams or gels that are produced to reduce dark circles. Eye creams against aging and wrinkles do not see the same job.

Puffed eyes. Cool the swellings and apply an astringent gel. For bags under the eyes, the cold water in the face is also hit. Do not apply concealer, this will only cause the bags to become more visible. Instead, apply a little translucent powder under your eyes to get too much shine and minimize the appearance of the bags. A reflective surface shows the objects larger by pulling the light. Do not give me the passage. Do not wipe your eye makeup with baby oil.

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Everything that is oily will infiltrate into your eyes, causing swelling and irritation to the tear ducts.

Eye cream. The skin around the eyes is incised and dry because of the lack of sebaceous glands in that area. Pouring cream until very close to your eyes can cause swelling. Cream every morning and every evening with your ring finger on the bottom of the eye pit under your eye will give better results. Sleep. Nothing can replace your eyes shut for eight hours. Night time is the best time to repair.


Quick repairs. The process of opening inanimate eyes instantly and giving light to them is to draw a white pencil on the inside edge of your lower eyelid.

Hide the dark color rings. Try moisturizing gels that contain optical dispersants that will not accumulate in your underside and will not cause your sealant to clot. Matt sealers are the best. The color you will use should be clear enough to cover the dark rings, but you should not overdo it. Yellow or light orange tones are the best result in fighting with the bluish tint of the under eye circles. Bend your head down and look at the mirror. In this way your dark rings will be clearly visible, so you can also pinpoint where you need to put your closure on. Most people drive the perimeter around you, but this is unnecessary and can give your eyes a panda eye look. It’s enough to just go where the pit starts. Avoid using waxed pencils on the bottom of your lower eyelashes; instead, apply powder to the lash line along its length.

How Does Under Eye Bruising and Swelling Happen?

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