How is meditation done?

How is meditation done?

We all share a belief that the sun rises from the east and sinks from the west, the world completes a turn every day and turns around the sun. People also have smaller beliefs about how the world works. For example, you may never believe that you can not win piyano, you can not run a mile in four minutes, you can not do math or you will not find a job to please you. Psychologists will tell people what a person believes will be right for him. Beliefs function as the fulfillment of prophecy, as it is supposed to be.

Dave, for example, sincerely believed that the associations were never in accord with him. At first sight it seemed right. He had several unsuccessful relationships, divorced twice, and encountered several unhappy situations when he saw a wonderful person. She moved to that woman or started to talk to someone else. Finally, every failed relationship strengthened Dave’s own belief in defeat. It is a fact that relations are not something to him. This turned out to be a terrible cycle, and eventually Dave put an end to the conversation.

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A belief that works against your wishes will prevent you from observing what you want, not even with your being, and soma will prevent you from having it. So the quantum waves of energy will turn into molecules of what you do not want. For example, in the case of D a, these waves take the form of a lady who is an insensitive lady or boyfriend who is not a good partner for her.

Dave needs to change this belief in order to capture and maintain a good relationship. With a new belief, she will have a healthy relationship with a woman she will enjoy.

Faith is the predictor of what will happen. If we do not believe that you can not do something, this belief will make it true.

That’s why it is important that you keep your faith in sight. You should not only identify the things you believe in, but also you should understand them. One way to see what you believe is to look at your own world. Are you in the stock market? Is your job offers falling? Are you running away from the crowd who wants to meet you? Everything in your life is very beautiful? Are you driving a fascinating life? No?

How is meditation done?

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