How is the neck makeup done?

How is the neck makeup done?


1 If applying regular cream makeup with a brush, press the flat side of the sponge with a soft oil cover.

2 If you are using cream makeup wax paint, hit the smooth surface of the wax paint sponge.

3 Apply a little paint to the back of your hand with makeup on the tube or jar, straighten it, then press the paint on your palm.

4 When using mold makeup, print the dampened spongy mold. When the surface of the sponge is covered with paint, lightly press down on the skin.

Narrow flat brushes are used for the points on the edge.

The brush is used to mix the dyes, then the paint is removed from the palette with a brush and applied onto the make-up. If you are using more than one color, it is unnecessary to powder after each color, but you only need to powder after brushing is over.

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Sponge use in make-up
If the neck shows signs of age, it can be camouflaged by shadows of protruding muscles and lightening of the collapses. A single collapsible neckline can be shaded at least for the front view. The shade should be the strongest under the jaw line, and it must be darker than the face in this foundation within the foundation.

Neck shade should never be allowed to come over the chin line. The jaw line can be specified by a shadow. This will tend to strengthen it and take care of it.

It can be illuminated with a dark or uncoloured toothbrush. There are many shades of white and cream. Precise irregularities can be arranged by shortening the tooth with toothpaste or black wax.

The actor’s hair style should match the face. We have to scan the hair in many ways. If the face is too round, beware of the hair following the shape of your face.

How is the neck makeup done?

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